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Forex Peace Army has chosen Boccadutri Law Firm to aid victims of Forex scams

Forex Peace Army Has Chosen Boccadutri Law Firm To Aid Victims Of Forex Scams

Boccadutri International Law Firm is pleased to announce its collaboration with Forex Peace Army. Through this collaboration, Boccadutri Law Firm aims to assist and help people who have lost money in forex trading through mismanagement or a scam by a forex broker. We are Boccadutri International Law…

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Rejection of Visa Application, What to do?

You can appeal to the refusal of the visa by applying to the administrative court for the annulment of the action. Visas are denied to more people than one would imagine, and for a wide variety of reasons. Not only convicted or subjects to terrorism, the rejection of a Visa application is not a "privilege" of those with some skeleton in the closet, but a mistake that could happen to ...

The International Financial Action Task Force’s measures against scams

FATF-GAFI, the International Financial Action Task Force, updates regulations to counter money laundering and terrorism, including specific regulations on cryptocurrencies and virtual assets. The good news for small investors, is that authorities around the world are now obliging that those who manage exchanges, and those who supervise them, comply with the rules of GAFI, the International Financial Action Task Force (otherwise recognised by its English name as FATF, ‘Financial Action ...

International Commercial Arbitration ADR

International Commercial Arbitration is defined as a judicial dispute that does not take place before a national court, but before neutral private judges, called "arbitrators". International commercial arbitration is an extrajudicial dispute resolution method that is used worldwide, largely to resolve commercial disputes between commercial parties (companies, corporations, etc.) of different nationalities. The objective of arbitration is to preserve the competitiveness of businesses by resorting to an alternative dispute resolution ...

Notice / Warning

The Boccadutri Law Firm informs users, and especially its clients, that it has become aware of potential malfeasance and fraudulent actions committed through the unauthorised use of the name of the same Firm. We are receiving numerous reports inherent to third parties illegitimately using the name and trademark of the Boccadutri Law Firm, through the intermediary of alleged attorneys, who are not part of the Boccadutri Firm's team, and we ...

Work protection: what is Whistleblowing

Whistleblowing regulates how to report misconduct in the workplace and provides for the protection of those who report it. Whistleblowing means reporting an offence you have become aware of in the course of your work, whether in the public or private sector. An offence could be fraud, failure to implement safety regulations, blatantly unlawful behaviour, etc, and the offender could be an employer, a manager, a colleague, or even a ...

Injuries at work: What to do

Accidents at work are the constant chronicle of the failure of modern society, which has all the tools to protect the worker, but does not use them. Work-related injury definition An accident at work is a fatal event occurring while one is carrying out a work activity or on the way to or from work, the so-called commuting accident. Its consequences are temporary or permanent inability of the employee to ...

The Family Act

The Family Act is a bill designed to improve the quality of life of families with children. The aim of the Family Act is to promote parenthood, combat childlessness and facilitate the reconciliation of family life and work, particularly for women. What is the Family Act The bill, recognised as the Family Act, is a combination of measures designed for families with children. On 6th March 2022, the Senate approved ...

Short divorce in Italy

Short divorce was introduced in Italy by law number 55 dating form 6th May 2015. It is called this because it has substantially reduced the time it takes to obtain a divorce. Divorce in Italy is currently governed by the law that introduced it, i.e., Law No. 898 of 1970. The law No. 55/2015 on the short divorce substantially amended Article 3 of Law No. 898. Short Divorce, what is ...

Guide to Maintenance Allowance, Separation and Divorce

The maintenance allowance is the financial compensation that is sent to a partner or child following a relationship crisis where the break-up is decided in front of a judge. There are three kinds of allowance that can be granted to children/partners, namely child support, a separation allowance for the partner, and the divorce allowance to a former spouse. In order to understand in detail what maintenance, separation and divorce allowances ...

International Child Abduction

The international child abduction is an offence that occurs in cases where a child is taken from the custody of their parents (or from whoever has parental responsibility for the child), against the parent’s consent, and taken abroad. International child abduction occurs where: Anyone who does not exercise exclusive parental responsibility takes a minor from his country of residence. following a legitimate trip abroad, a child is not returned to ...