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Immigration Law

Do you believe you qualify for Italian Citizenship, and you would like to obtain it? Were your ancestors Italians and you want to be recognized as an Italian citizen as well? Do you need legal assistance during your Italian citizenship application?

Immigration Law

The firm, on behalf of its clients, deals with every legal aspect, grants every possible administrative compliance, and provides legal support in case of judicial dispute.

Recognition of Italian Citizenship Jus Sanguinis

Were your ancestors Italians and would you like to apply for citizenship jus sanguinis? We will do the appropriate research and reconstruct your family history to get you Italian citizenship.

It is important to know that:

Citizenship can be obtained automatically only through “jus sanguinis“. However, there is a history to be reconstructed: entanglements of people, ancient documents, and names that were changed as they passed from one country to another, as diligent clerks relied on interpreting what they were told in another language, and our ancestors, often illiterate, were hardly able to correct the error.

Moreover, there is the fact that our ancestors have not always been able to maintain ties with Italy, because the states that received them perhaps forced them to renounce their Italian citizenship.

In addition, exists also the maternal lines (bloodlines starting from women), which are the most complex ones to gradually put back together. Regardless to the illiteracy, the surname that may have been changed and the local law that may have taken away their citizenship, there was also the acquisition of their husband’s surname (hence, the loss of their own), not to mention the (often unaware) loss of birthright citizenship caused by marriage to a foreigner.

The loss of an Italian woman’s citizenship could be a consequence of the automatic acquisition of her husband’s nationality, but also because of the legal consequences of the Italian law, No. 555 of 1912, according to which the child of an Italian citizen, who had emigrated, did not have to be recognized as an Italian citizen if she contracted marriage with a foreign citizen.

Law No. 555 has been shelved, but its consequences are still reflected today on applications for Italian citizenship, because if the marriage predates 1948, a court will be required to claim the right to be Italian.

The Immigration Department of Boccadutri Law Firm specializes in the recognition of Italian citizenship and acknowledges that a right of jus sanguinis is not always easily acquired, but to claim it, a court of law may need to be faced.

Recognition of Italian citizenship by Marriage or Civil Union

Have you been married or civilly united to an Italian citizen? This condition may give you the right to acquire your partner’s Italian citizenship.

Following marriage to an Italian citizen, it is possible to acquire citizenship whether you reside in Italy or abroad. The difference is that, in the former case, at least two years must have passed since the marriage (including continuous residence), in the latter case the years must be three.

In the presence of childrenborn or adopted by the couple, the terms are reduced by half.

It will be verified that the marriage is stable, that there is no ongoing separation, dissolution, annulment, or termination of the civil effects of marriage.

The procedure does not change for those who married abroad to an Italian (including same-sex) or for those who, in Italy, joined civilly with a partner (including same-sex).

For everyone, whether married or civilly united, it is mandatory to have a basic knowledge of the Italian language, not less than level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

Recognition of Italian Citizenship by Residence

Have you selected Italy as your residence, living and working there for years?

You can obtain Italian citizenship after living in Italy continuously and demonstrating that you speak good Italian (minimum level B1) and have an income congruent with the law’s requirements.

Our assistance aims to understand, based on your personal situation, whether you meet the requirements to apply with a chance of success.

Usually the time frames are:

  • Four years for European Union citizens.
  • Five years (following adoption) for the adult foreigner adopted by an Italian citizen. Same period is required for the adult child of the foreigner who naturalized as an Italian citizen. In the latter case, however, the five-year count may start from when the parent in turn obtains Italian citizenship.
  • Five years for stateless persons or political refugees (their status must be recognized in order to start the years count).
  • Ten years for non-EU foreigners.

The firm aims to offer legal assistance in applying for and obtaining citizenship, whether it is sufficient to act administratively or whether it is necessary to go to a court.

Thanks to Italian citizenship, it is possible to acquire the rights of Italian citizens and assume, at the same time, their duties.

We can provide valuable support to those who qualify for citizenship and to those who have been unjustly denied an entry visa.

Our experienced Immigration Law attorneys will initiate all necessary procedures with the relevant bodies, depending on the client’s situation and needs.

Appeal following rejected visa application

Relative to Visa application, we can currently assist those who have had their applications unreasonably rejected.

Moreover, in case during assisting our clients it becomes necessary to apply for a visa for them, we will work to ensure that they obtain one.

If you have been denied a visa to Italy, despite meeting all the requirements to obtain one, we may file an appeal on your behalf to claim the right to freely travel.

Depending on the situation, our attorneys in the Immigration Law Department will consider, on a case-by-case basis, the most appropriate way and time to take action.

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Our firm provides judicial and extrajudicial assistance to Italian, EU and non-EU citizens. We help people from all over the world who choose Italy as their destination and those who move from Italy to other countries.

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