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Intellectual Property

We offer consultation in the area of intellectual property, specialising in the protection and safeguarding of brands, patents, models, designs and copyrights.

Intellectual Property

We offer consultation in the area of intellectual property, specialising in the protection and safeguarding of brandspatentsmodelsdesigns and copyrights.

Our work consists of offering services that include all technical and legal elements connected with safeguarding, management and valorisation of intellectual property.

We handle the registration of requests of brands, patents, designs, utility models, developing strategies for the defence of the rights linked with the brand, patent, model, design, and the copyright, offering complete legal support in the event of forgery, usurpation or unfair competition.

Thanks to our experience we are able to formulate guidance regarding the management of industrial property rights for brands, patents and designs that reflect the desires, interests and priorities of the client.
The office carries out the registration of:

  • (i) Italian brands at the Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi (Italian Office for Patents and Brands),
  • (ii) EU brands at UAMI site in Alicante;
  • (ii) international brands at the OMPI site in Geneva.

In this way, clearance, identity and similarity searches have been carried out in the Italian, EU and international spheres for brands, patents and designs in order to evaluate the safeguarding and use of the client’s brand.

The office also offers – subject to patenting research and the writing of potential advice on patenting – consultation in regards to safeguarding inventions in any technological sector, registration of patents and model requests at a national, European and international level.

Furthermore, we provide thorough consultation for the drafting and negotiation of contracts in the Italian and international spheres, including, but not limited to, contracts for the licensing of the use of patents, brands, know-how contracts, franchising contracts, merchandising contracts, joint venture contracts and e-commerce contracts, non-disclosure agreements, planning contracts, design contracts, distribution contracts.

In the area of copyright, we are able to guarantee a consultation to a wide spectrum that includes both the legal aspects and the writing of licence or rights transfer contracts, but also the aspects of copyright linked to the use of the internet.

The department of Intellectual Property assists Italian and international clients with reference to all aspects linked to the safeguarding of rights to intellectual property and copyright.

Our office has impressive experience in the legal field, assisting its own clients in judicial and arbitrary proceedings relating to intellectual property and industrial law, and also anti-piracy strategies.

The Boccadutri law firm serves both a national and international clientèle, from start-ups to multinationals, boasting particularly strong relations with top-flight law firms and clients from the United States, Europe and Asia.

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Meet our lawyers from the intellectual Property Department

Our intellectual property legal team

The lawyers of the Boccadutri law firm provide their clients with a wide range of services in litigation regarding trademarks and patents. The services of our lawyers are inclusive, attending to all aspects, both technical and legal, related to the protection and management of intellectual property.

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