Boccadutri has lawyers in offices throughout Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. Organised into a number of core business areas, we have the flexibility to configure teams that meet our clients’s needs in or across those areas, offering focused legal services and a wide business perspective. Our people are not just excellent lawyers – they are committed to going above and beyond what is normally expected of a legal adviser to understand their clients’s needs, provide creative solutions and build long-lasting relationships based on trust. Boccadutri is composed by professionals and collaborators of counsel, specifically chosen for their attitude towards excellence and professional experience. The Profiles of Key Lawyers and Key Staff Members at Boccadutri Law Firms

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Lawyer Calogero Boccadutri
Calogero Boccadutri is the Managing Partner of Boccadutri International Law Firm. He has trial experience in forex, personal injury, administrative, and insolvency litigation.

Calogero Boccadutri

Managing Partner
Lawyer Alessandro Boccadutri
Alessandro Boccadutri advises on a wide range of contentious matter including civil litigation, family law and personal injury.

Alessandro Boccadutri

Head of Personal Injury
Lawyer Giuseppe Avarello
Giuseppe represents clients throughout the criminal process, specially conspiracy, organised crime and sexual offences and for all types of criminal offence and has experience of dealing with matters including dangerous driving causing death.

Giuseppe Avarello

Head of Criminal Department
Lawyer Alessandro Moscato
Alessandra Moscato is the Head of Family Law Department at Boccadutri International Law Firm. She is an expert in Family law, Juvenile criminal law, Juvenile Civil Law.

Alessandra Moscato

Head of Family Law Department
Lawyer Alessandro Scalia
Alessandro Scalia has extensive trial experience in both civil and administrative litigation.

Alessandro Scalia

Head of Litigation & Dispute Resolution
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Ivana Mazzola specializes in corporate and commercial law and business contract.

Ivana Mazzola

Head of Corporate and Commercial Department
Lawyer Marilena Sireci
Marilena Sireci advises businesses on all tax aspects of the business life cycle including fundraising, property and asset holding arrangements with specific focus on domestic and multinational companies in corporate taxation

Marilena Sireci

Head of Tax & Advisory Services
Caterina Saeli
Caterina Saeli has gained experience in different areas of Italian law: from real estate to family law.

Caterina Saeli

Head of Real Estate Department
She is a specialist in working law, both in the sphere of judicial disagreements and in out of court consultation, in the interests of Italian and foreign businesses.

Mattea Gagliardo

Head of the Department of Employment Law
Lawyer Agata Wolyniec
Agata Wolyniec advises on complex commercial litigation and regulatory matters. She assists clients in Breach of Contract, Regulatory Matters, Complex Commercial Disputes and Financial Services Litigation.

Agata Wolyniec

Senior Lawyer
Lawyer Gustavo Rojkin
Gustavo Rojkin has many years of experience in civil law and litigation, commercial law and Forex litigation.

Gustavo Rojkin

Senior Lawyer
Lawyer Emilia Mercante
Emilia Mercante has gained a wealth of experience in litigation before the courts and arbitration panels in civil and debt collection as well as in probate cases.

Emilia Mercante

Probate & Estate Administration Lawyer
Thiago Batalha has experience in civil area, particularly in contracts, inventory and Real Estate Law.

Thiago Batalha

Brazilian desk
Liana Lyrio has extensive experience in several areas of Brazilian law, including civil, business, family and succession law.

Liana Lyrio

Brazilian desk
Fellipe Rodrigues has extensive experience in civil law, contracts and civil liability, as well as extensive experience in other areas of Brazilian law.

Fellipe Rodrigues

Brazilian desk
Yolanda Ding Shijia
The firm’s knowledge of Chinese culture and language means that we can offer our clients significant added value as well as high-quality advice.

Yolanda Ding Shijia

Chinese Desk
Evgeniya Chaburkina
Evgeniya Chaburkina is a Russian legal consultant. She has trial experience in Real Estate, Personal Injury and Corporate and Commercial Law.

Evgeniya Chaburkina

Russian legal consultant
Lawyer Alexis Piquer
Alexis Piquer is mainly entrusted with complex proceedings dealing with civil law issues, commercial matters, insurance and banking-financial services cases (with a specific focus on forex matters).

Alexis Piquer

Spanish Desk
Raquel Neira Feàns
Executive Lawyer of the Spanish desk, Raquel Neira Feàns focuses on general personal injury law, forex litigation, and family law.

Raquel Neira Feàns

Spanish Desk
Lawyer Cristina Hodut
Cristina Hodut has experience in civil law, forex, criminal law representing people who have been seriously injured.

Cristina Hodut

Romanian Desk
Lawyer Gabriele Radtke
Gabriele Radtke specializes in advising German-speaking clients on all issues regarding civil, commercial and corporate litigation and arbitration proceedings.

Gabriele Radtke

German Desk
avatar Boccadutri

Karla Leal Macedo

Portuguese Desk
Lawyer Salvatore Agusta
Salvatore Agusta has gained more than four years of experience in International law firms where he focused on providing legal advice in the area of national and international tax planning

Salvatore Agusta

Litigation Executive
Marco Genovese
Marco works as a self-accountant expert in company mergers and in the constitution and management of companies – including large limited and private companies, as well as well as corporations under specific regulation

Marco Genovese

Lawyer Renato Canonico
Renato has significant practical experience advising and litigating on a wide variety of issues including fraud, anti-money laundering, anti-bribery and corruption and other regulatory and compliance issues.

Renato Canonico

Criminal Defense
Lawyer Oriana Canzonieri
Oriana is competent in real estate, commercial law and civil law. Furthermore, she has extensive experience in insurance law.

Oriana Canzonieri

Real Estate Lawyer
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