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Marco Genovese

Corporate Accountant

Marco Genovese

Marco Genovese is a chartered accountant with more than 10 years’ experience. Furthermore, he advises private clients and professionals in relation to complex issues related to their specific needs.

His main area of expertise comes in ability to understand market trends and draw up all-encompassing business plans; his plans are created in great detail and all risks are countered for. Marco has a proven track record in preparing successful plans for both professionals and companies investing in the real estate market, as well as all other financial investments.

Marco is also able to assist you with any dispute which you company may be involved in. He has assisted many companies in all types of disputes, which can often be resolved by preparing a business consulting letter for your company to show to the Italian court.

As a firm, we are very proud to have Marco in our team, as his skills and experience mean that he is able to offer an unrivalled service to our international client base.

Practice Area

  • Corporate Accountant