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Debt Collection

Our global presence means we are fully aware of the ever-increasing cross-border transactions and the problems that can arise.

Debt Collection

Our global presence means we are fully aware of the ever-increasing cross-border transactions and the problems that can arise.

We have a history of resolving these matters quickly and effectively with as little disruption to business as possible, no matter how large or small the claim is.

Italian debtors are quick to pay once confronted by a reputable Italian Law firm.

The responsiveness of the debtors often helps avoid long and expensive court cases and can quickly improve your cash flow.

Our international presence means that clients have peace of mind in dealing with these matters in their own language with the assurance that the issue is being dealt with by an Italian law firm located in Italy.

Our specialist debt recovery team, headed by Calogero Boccadutri, is a highly experienced debt recovery lawyer and has an excellent track record in recovering debts and securing payments for clients in a time efficient manner.

What does a debt collection lawyer do?

Our debt recovery services include:

  • Letters of notice;
  • Telephone debt recovery;
  • Mediation;
  • County court claims;
  • County and High court enforcement;
  • Tracing debtors;
  • Advocacy.

Our charges are agreed in accordance with your business requirements, depending on the size, type and quantity of the debts reported to us.

We are fully transparent with our costs and fix them with clients before initiating work.

Our commitment to building long-lasting relationships with clients means that, if we feel it is not cost effective to pursue the debt, we will communicate as such to the client.

Meet our lawyers from the Credit Recovery department

Our legal debt collection team

The lawyers of the Boccadutri international law firm are available to assist in matters relating to debt collection from Italian or foreign debtors. The Firm’s international presence enables our team to assist with international debt collection swiftly and efficiently.

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