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Cryptocurrency Disputes

  • Have you fallen victim to a cryptocurrency scam?
  • Do you suspect that the broker has acted improperly?
  • Have you been denied access to your wallet?
  • Do you want to understand if there is a way to recover your cryptocurrencies?
Cryptocurrency Disputes

Boccadutri Law Firm provides legal, economic, and technological assistance for cryptocurrency scams.

Our vision as lawyers encompasses a broad perspective that keeps up with the times and meets the needs of our clients.

Cryptocurrencies have become a reality that we experience every day, due to the frequent scams that many investors fall victim to.

Cryptocurrencies are a form of digital currency that uses cryptography to ensure transaction security and anonymity. They utilize blockchain technology, which records all transactions publicly and immutably.

Users can acquire cryptocurrencies through online exchanges or mine them personally.

People often choose to invest in cryptocurrencies due to their detachment from a centralized banking system, the guarantee of anonymity, and transaction security.

Furthermore, cryptocurrencies are not subject to fluctuations in traditional currencies and can be used worldwide without incurring banking fees.

Assistance for Victims of Cybercrime

The exponential growth of the cryptocurrency market has not gone unnoticed by criminals and fraudsters.

Cybercrime relies on social engineering techniques to pursue its objectives, which are based on studying and manipulating people’s behaviors.

Criminals exploit moments of weakness, individuals’ naivety, or even their natural distractions to induce them to take actions they normally wouldn’t.

Cybercrime engages in a wide range of illegal activities, including:

  • Identity theft: the acquisition of an individual’s personal information for the purpose of selling it or fraudulent use (committing crimes, defaming the victim, or engaging in wrongful actions using the stolen identity).
  • Illegal hacking or cracking: the act of stealing data, including cryptocurrency wallets, modifying records, or pursuing other illegal purposes by accessing personal accounts, computer networks, or digital devices.
  • Ransomware attacks: hacker attacks carried out through ransomware, malicious software that can block access to a PC (or other digital devices). In some cases, viruses are programmed to publish the data of the victims online. The hackers’ intention is to demand a ransom in order to restore access to the data.
  • Phishing: the most common way ransomware reaches us is through seemingly harmless email attachments. Phishing emails often contain links that redirect to websites similar to official ones. By entering our passwords on these sites, we hand them over to the scammers.
  • Online fraud: scammers attempt to steal confidential information to commit illicit acts, but they also resort to more elaborate scams, such as creating websites to persuade those interested in investing in Forex or cryptocurrencies to deposit money directly with them.

Criminal activity poses a threat to personal privacy, financial security, and online reputation. Our law firm will be at your disposal if you need our support or guidance in the process of recovering what has been stolen and seeking justice.

The Need for Assistance

Those who fall victim to cybercrime often don’t know how to report the crime, gather evidence, or navigate the legal procedures necessary to obtain justice. Our strength lies in the empathy with which we listen to fraud victims, guiding them towards practical and cost-effective solutions.

While reporting seems to be a wise advice, everything else depends on the circumstances. Never attempt to recover your money by giving additional funds to the scammers, as they are only waiting for that. If you have been blocked from accessing your cryptocurrencies, further deposits will be useless.

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