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How to purchase a property in paradise

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How to purchase a property in paradise

To buy real estate property is easier than it seems, the secret is to rely on and trust the competent intermediaries. If you want to truly understand nature’s elegance you must go to Costa Smeralda, the place that has had the fortune of having stopped time in a moment of harmony between man and the environment.

In Italy the acquisition of luxury real estate could appear complicated to foreigners given the “renowned” bureaucracy of our beautiful country, but nothing is impossible if you put your faith in a qualified team of experts in luxury real estate.

The more coveted houses for luxury lovers are those nearer the more renowned beaches, if not those with direct and private access to the sea, but also the lovely homes that can be found in the small villages, or the magnificent villas located by themselves or within elegant residential areas.

Guaranteed Purchase

When you rely on an expert, the first step will be too check the origins of the the property in sale. First of all, a real estate lawyer will determine whether the property derives from an inheritance, from a previous purchase and sale or as a donation.
This in particular marks the difference between a secure purchase and a risky purchase in Italy.

A property issued to the seller via donation involves a serious risk, because the law cannot guarantee that the heirs of the donor will not claim it, even after more than 20 years have passed from when the property was donated.

The transcript of the notice of opposition would be enough to overcome, the already raised, time limit conceded to heirs. Those who offer loans (banks or credit institutions) in Italy protects themselves from these situations by denying loans to those who purchase house donated within the last twenty years.

A lawyer in real estate’s duty is to carry out an accurate mortgage inspection and to check the act of origin so that all doubts surrounding the history of the property disappear, except when the threat of the property being returned to the legitimate heirs is significant.

If the donor is still alive, one could also retract the donation, via the act of mutual disagreement. If this were to occur the owner would acquire the title as seller and would relinquish any future claim. Or one could proceed, by asking the heirs to sign a waiver for the return proceedings.

A property inherited involves registering with the lawyer for the declaration of succession, from the
transcript of succession and from the transcript of acceptance of the inheritance. In the absence of these documents the seller would not be licensed for sale.
Even this situation, which would at first seem impossible, could be resolved with the expertise of a lawyer who could find solutions thanks to the expertise of an advocate who could regulate the succession of the property, with the death certificate of the deceased.

Also in the seemingly easier cases , with the successive sale, the documents are important because they safeguard the buyer from unseen and unpleasant surprises.

The smooth process is carried out by those who know the law means that the buyers can quickly take possession of the property with every possible safeguard.

Buying property in Costa Smeralda

There are indescribable places that for simplicities sake we call paradise, places in which nature explodes with an array of colours and fantastic creations and where the the hand of man has managed to be discrete and does not compromise the equilibrium between comfort and beauty.

When one is facing the white beaches and crystal clear sea our thoughts turn to the Caribbean or for those who love the Mediterranean and their bathing sites, know that its would be a paradox to imagine that the Caribbean could be considered Costa Smeralda of the Antilles.

In Costa Smeralda the offer of luxury property is vast and corresponds entirely to the wishes of searching houses in exotic places: near beaches, quaint dwellings both in both in the city and in the countryside, elegant villas with all of the modern comforts.

Aga Khan’s dream

In 1962 Aga Khan compelled by Sardinia’s wild charm, laid the foundations for Costa Smeralda’s future, he undertook a real miracle in a place that was free roads, water and electric lighting.

He created not only the first hotel but also the first port, they still function to this day, and were constructed with respect for what it existed beforehand, embedded in the surroundings.

Thanks to him and to those that stood alongside him in this visionary business, Costa Smeralda has become that which we can admire today: as beautiful as it is luxurious.

What should a visitor expect when arriving at Costas Smeralda for the first time?
Sunsets painted on the sea, uncontaminated air and nature’s fragrance.

Costa Smeralda is a popular destination for those in search of a paradise, to which one can retreat to for a few months of the year or even forever.

Here you will find dwellings unique in their type, ideal shelters for those that love their privacy, but also an excellent starting point to plunge into international jet setting. It is not a coincidence that it is a favourite destination for famous people who can rely on events created as a perfect fit for them.

If summer is the season that enables the sea and the piazzas of Costa Smeralda to come to life, the mild Mediterranean climate allows one to savour traditions all year round, flavours, landscapes and all that which the island generously offers.

Accessibility to the island is guaranteed by sea, in the picturesque ports in which one can easily find mega yachts which never fail to stop off in the north of Sardinia, but also from the efficient international airport of Olbia.

Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo the beating heart of Costa Smeralda is a small charming and elegant village, whose singular scenographic architecture reflects to this day the dream realised by Aga Khan.
There are only a few hundred residents, but those who happen on his famous walk will be struck by the variety of people whom you will encounter, peoples truly from all over the world.

If you are drawn to living in a magical place, with striking views, nature untouched by man, crystal clear waters and fantastic beaches, where at the same time elegant boutiques can be found, renowned restaurants, and where you are able to participate in sporting events and other world wide events you could buy one of the most magnificent villas along the coast, or one of the most sought after homes in the Sardinian countryside.

The lawyers of the Real Estate Department at Boccadutri Law Firm are ready to help you with the choice, negotiation and purchase of a place in paradise.

Knowledge of Italian will not pose a problem because our lawyers will be able to translate into your language. In the meantime, if you think you need assistance in buying a property in Italy, you will also find specific advice for foreign citizens.

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