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Forex Peace Army has chosen Boccadutri Law Firm to aid victims of Forex scams

Forex Peace Army Has Chosen Boccadutri Law Firm To Aid Victims Of Forex Scams

Boccadutri International Law Firm is pleased to announce its collaboration with Forex Peace Army. Through this collaboration, Boccadutri Law Firm aims to assist and help people who have lost money in forex trading through mismanagement or a scam by a forex broker. We are Boccadutri International Law…

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How to become a Polish Citizen

How to become a Polish citizen, depending on one's personal situation at birth, or in course of one's life. Poland as a European Union Member State enables non-Polish citizens to acquire Polish citizenship in various ways and on various grounds. Becoming a polish citizen depends on your personal situation, if one wants to acquire Polish citizenship, it is necessary to meet certain conditions. Polish citizenship by birth First of all, ...

Obtaining Italian Citizenship after a Civil Union

Italian citizenship following a civil union is one of the rights guaranteed by the Italian State, equating it with marriage and rendering the procedures for obtaining citizenship identical. Once one has ascertained how to become an Italian citizen and, in particular, how to obtain Italian citizenship by marriage (law 05/02/1992 n.91 and subsequent amendments), it is good to know that the same procedure is also valid for those who got ...

Fake Forex Lawyers: no leniency for scam victims

Fraudsters who contact victims of Forex scams by pretending to be lawyers and guaranteeing to be able to retrieve money misappropriated by fraud brokers. The premise is that no lawyer will ever call you or contact you to recover money lost in trading. It is unprofessional, unethical, and absolutely inconceivable for a lawyer to seek clients in this way. At most, you will find Forex lawyers in forums dealing with ...

How to report and press charges against a trading company

It is important that those who fall victim to a Forex scam know the options at their disposal, in order to to report and possibly press charges on a trading company. Only by doing this, the possibility to recover your investment, at least in part, becomes a possibility. If you believe that a company has broken the law or acted dishonestly in the handling of your funds, you have the ...

Tinder Forex Scam or Honey Trap

The Tinder Forex scam involves signing up to a dating app and finding people willing to invest in deceptive products designed to make one lose all their money. This is after gleaning one’s confidence and trust. It is called the Tinder Forex Scam because it is developed in dating app chats. It is treacherous, compared to other scams, because it strikes both a private and personal chord. If it has ...

The co-founder of Airbit club extradited to the USA

Serious charges are hanging over AirBit's co-founder who has allegedly pocketed, and spent, customers' money instead of investing it in cryptocurrency mining as advertised. Gutemberg Dos Santos, co-founder of AirBit, was extradited to the United States on November 25, 2020. The entrepreneur was arrested in Panama on August 18, 2020, at the request of the U.S. Department of Justice, following a series of investigations conducted by the New York Field ...

The Nidalina case: arrests and seizures

A series of arrests linked to the bankruptcy of Nidalina Group and to the fraud that the investment system concealed. The seizure of 20 million euros gives hope to those who lost their money. The recent news of the arrests linked to the E-commerce site Nidalina has certainly not come as a surprise to the many Italians who fell into the company’s trap, and of those of its affiliates’. The ...

Renegotiate maintenance checks at the time of Covid

You can renegotiate the amounts of child and spousal allowances if your income has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Italian law protects children and those in economic difficulty following a separation, by assigning a monthly support amount to be paid by the court-determined spouse. When calculating the amount of support to be, the economic situations of the relative partner is taken into account which can be subject to alterations ...

Binary Options still under prosecution

Canada accuses binary options, and in particular the activity of three brothers who, without even having a license, would have used a call center to convince thousands of people to invest. Binary options is still under indictment. Although their trade has now been banned in many parts of the world, the echo of binary options-related activities has not yet died down. In Europe there is a ban on marketing, distribution ...

Major Forex Scam Discovered in Europe

For months Europol and Eurojust, supported by investigators from Germany, Austria, Serbia, Ukraine, and Bulgaria, have been investigating what appears to be one of the largest Forex scams in Europe. Arrests in connection with a large Forex scam branching out across Europe continue. Five suspects were arrested in Bulgaria in March, following nine arrests made in Bulgaria and Serbia in April 2020 and the seizure of €50 million in cars ...