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Forex Peace Army has chosen Boccadutri Law Firm to aid victims of Forex scams

Forex Peace Army Has Chosen Boccadutri Law Firm To Aid Victims Of Forex Scams

Boccadutri International Law Firm is pleased to announce its collaboration with Forex Peace Army. Through this collaboration, Boccadutri Law Firm aims to assist and help people who have lost money in forex trading through mismanagement or a scam by a forex broker. We are Boccadutri International Law…

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How to become an Italian Citizen

Italian citizenship applications are being submitted with escalating frequency, but the process of receiving citizenship has evolved in recent years and, in some ways, become more complicated. A drastic drop in the percentage of applications accepted has resulted, contrasting with the increase in requests for citizenship. Obtaining Italian citizenship is governed by law no.91 of 1992, and the changes made by laws no.94 of 2009 and n.132 of 2018. The ...

Social contact responsibility in real estate

For the jurisprudence a responsibility for social contact in the real estate field is borne by the mediator who, as a professional, has the duty to protect the client's legal sphere. Any circumstance that constitutes a "social contact" generates obligation for the professional involved, to behave diligently towards those who trusts their professionalism with confidence. This circumstance only affects certain subjects belonging to a professional status, of whom particular duties ...

Social contact responsibility in banking

In the event of social contact responsibility in the banking sector, the employee has to respond either to a lack of control over the documents that have been submitted to him or to the disclosure of false information. In order to adapt to various situations, the issue of compensation for damages must overcome the traditional division between contractual and non-contractual liability, since compensation is often requested in situations where instead ...

How to live in Italy as a British Citizen after Brexit

For British citizens residing in Italy, measures have been designed to guarantee them a peaceful stay post-Brexit. Italy was the first country in the European Union to provide guarantees to British citizens in post-Brexit europe, even in the case of "no deal". To do this, the Italian government, on the 25th of March 2019, adopted the Brexit Decree (Legislative Decree no. 22) converted into law no. 41 of 20 May ...

Social contact responsibility in the medical field

In the event of an unexpected occurrence with a patient in the medical field, a type of social contact liability occurs in the medical field when, despite the absence of a specific contract between parties, contractual rules are applied. Medical liability is quite unique since, at present, both contractual and Aquilian (or non-contractual) are in force, based on the period in which the events occur and on the basis of ...

Social Contact Responsibility

Even in the absence of a specific contract between parties, there are aspects of "social contact" in which unstipulated contractual rules are applied. In particular, this occurs in schools and health facilities. By social contact we mean the relationship between two subjects, without a physical contract between them. Specifically, in instances where one of the two parties relies on the other's duty of diligence, by virtue of the technical and ...

The dark events of OneCoin

OneCoin, a trading society that was, until recently, active on the market, with one of it’s cofounders on the run from police, while the other sits in prison, have both been found guilty of fraud and money laundering. A story with a thousand implications, this is the story at the center of an exciting new series broadcast by the BBC. The fantasy of Bitcoin and the stories of those who ...

Electronic visa and passports for European tourists in the UK

With the recent December vote reaffirming the United Kingdom’s intention to leave the EU, the decision made on June 23, 2016 in the Brexit referendum is materializing day by day. The landslide vote won by Boris Johnson's conservative party utilized a program clearly projected towards an American model. In an atmosphere of uncertainty and fear, the alternation of governments and intentions and the approaching end of Brexit, the prospect of ...

PlexCorps Ready to Pay

After the sentence that condemned PlexCorps to repay its investors, the Securities and Exchange Commission is ready to organize the distribution of the money seized. The ICO (offering of initial coins) launched by PlexCorps since 2017, was judged fraudulent in the final sentencing on October 2nd, 2019, issued by the Eastern District Court of New York. Dominic Lacroix and Sabrina Paradis-Royer, the two behind the company, although neither have admitted ...

Amnesty for immigrants in Italy is ready

The amendment to the Budget law providing for an amnesty for the regularization of foreigners who are already working in Italy, although without the proper documents to do so, has been admitted and is ready to be voted on. While public opinion is strongly divided between welcoming and refusal of immigration, what immigrants already represent for Italy is not given much attention, especially to those who have integrated, who work ...