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Binary Options Law in Israel on trial

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15 Jan 2018 - Forex Litigation - Min Read 2 min
Binary Options Law in Israel on trial

The world of binary options is trying to impede the Israeli law on binary options.

Binary options were definitively outlawed by the last highly anticipated law, not as of yet enforced, binary options in Israel is destined to become a fiercely discussed topic.

It would in fact be up to the Supreme Israeli Court to decide.
The dispute is handled by Yossi Herzog’s legal representatives, owner of the binary options company Yukom Communications Ltd, and shareholder in a business that provides call centre services for various binary options trademarks.

Herzog is a name known to the media because it is frequently mentioned when one speaks of his companies, which are caught up in dubious situations.

One needs to wait for the Supreme Court’s verdict regarding Mr. Herzog. In case of positive feedback, it would truly further mock a law called for by all of the world, already modified and thoroughly revised to gain the approval of the Israeli parliament.

Binary Options and work

Those like Herzog who defend binary options highlight the thousands of employment opportunities that have resulted from binary options.

Herzog also believes the media pressure has exaggerated the scams associated with binary options.

In the past the Israeli Supreme Court annulled laws or government action that it judged illegal or contrary to the rights of the people. The claim is based on what is lawful in other jurisdictions is unlawful in Israel.

For months now those who work in the binary options sector have been prepared for the implementation of a law that could ban them from Israel.
Some have moved their businesses abroad, others have “changed skin”, becoming other businesses. And those like Herzog that do not give up and try to keep their businesses alive using all official means.

The combination binary options and Israel has until now been synonymous with scams and with extreme telemarketing.

Binary Options firms have call centres that have daily contact with the whole world via their pressing and troublesome calls. Many from Israel are left convinced to invest, a large part of whom have consequently regretted this choice.

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