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You will find true luxury in Italy, if you are planning to buy a villa on a lake

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You will find true luxury in Italy, if you are planning to buy a villa on a lake

Seeking the advice of  real estate lawyers is a very good idea from the time you decide to sell or to buy a property in Italy.

There is no price for beauty but luxury is part of the package and for buyers that want a villa overlooking a lake.

There is a myth, clearly coming from the Italians that Italy possesses 70% of the world’s artistic heritage. The estimate of course is magnified by national pride. The truth is that regardless of the quantity and the quality of the Italian artistic heritage it is indisputable and unique.

There are beautiful, historical and traditional villas that belonged to nobile families of the past, and overlook an immemorial lake, that is inlaid as precious stones on small hills. This panoramic sight is what one can look forward to. This is the breathtaking view that anyone who ventures to the banks of our lakes will see.

Whoever buys one of these treasures will find nature at its best. The surroundings of the ancient villas are of enchanted places, rich in magic, just waiting to hear new stories.

The luxury market does not rest, because there is always a villa or a lavish property that awaits the right buyer, which is able to appreciate it. There are not only ancient mansions but in some cases there are buildings for sale that can combine the glamour of a beautiful life with modern comforts, thanks to targeted work of restructuring.

If words are not enough to describe such magnificence one can only rely on those images and by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, photographer, environmentalist, journalist and French Director, they are the best available online. When asked to enclose the essence of Lake Como in a video he did it in his own way, showing it by how he “felt”. His work is entitled “Lake Como seen by Yann Arthus-Bertrand”, 21 minutes of dreams and beauty. A privileged view of the snowy ridges, dynamic air, forests, villages, villas, gardens and parks. Filming was done in spring of Lake Como and the surrounding mountains. Try it for yourself: https://youtu.be/i9Cx3WJgZ0k.

If you are now convinced that the Italian Lakes have what you like, all you have to do is find the right home and contact the right people.

Relying on italian real estate lawyers when buying property in Italy means to allow a professional to deal with all the formalities related to a sale, making sure there are no ugly surprises and above all not wasting time. The lawyer handles the practical matters: knows where to look, how to negotiate, what to check in the property, how to resolve tax and legal problems, manage insurance and environmental problems.

The knowledge of the territory and the language of the seller and buyer, allow experienced lawyers like those of the office of Boccadutri to reach a reasonable agreement for both parties. The choice of the property, the contacts with real estate agents or the private seller, the inspection of the property, the dialogue between the parties, the signing of the preliminary agreement, the assistance in any loan requests at subsidized rates, the presentation of documents, the notary, and dealing with any problems that may emerge, all this can be overcome thanks to a competent and prepared lawyer.

The properties could have criticalities such as administrative irregularities, presence of unauthorized building, mortgages transcripts, transcripts of foreclosures but everything can be managed, faced and overcome with the assistance of experts.

Before committing to a purchase, a buyer will need to carry out the due diligence appropriate to the transaction. The restrictions on building in Italy and the authorizations that may be required for any specific transaction need be examined carefully by italian real estate lawyers. In addition, in the event of a commercial transaction, a tax due diligence would be essential.

It is not only to bring the buyer and seller of a property together but also to verify the questionable aspects during the negotiation or to be able to manage the terms and conditions in contracts so as not to expose their customers to risks that could be costly.

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