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The Italian Passport: Second Global Power

18 Aug 2023 - Immigration Law - Min Read 3 min
The Italian Passport: Second Global Power

The Italian passport has once again proven itself among the most powerful passports in the world, securing the second position in 2023, alongside Spain and Germany, and trailing behind Singapore, according to the ranking compiled by the Henley Passport Index.

The Henley Passport Index is a comprehensive ranking of all the passports worldwide, considering the number of destinations that holders can access without a visa.

The index relies on exclusive data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the largest and most accurate travel information database in the world.

 The Henley Passport Index compares visa-free access of 199 different passports to 227 travel destinations.

Singapore leads the ranking with a slight edge over Italy, Spain, and Germany. Presenting a Singaporean passport allows for visa-free travel to 192 countries, while citizens of Italy, Spain, and Germany have access to 190 countries, so to speak.

Italy Also Ranks Second in the Global Passport Power Bank

In the “Global Passport Power Rank,” which considers visa flexibility, Italy is rewarded with the second position in 2023, trailing behind the United Arab Emirates and tied with Sweden, Germany, Finland, Spain, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, and South Korea.

Compiled by the Canadian company Arton, the Global Passport Power Rank measures the number of countries where entry is possible without a pre-arranged visa, either without a visa or with a visa obtained directly at the airport.

 Italy’s count stands at 176 countries, not far from the UAE’s 180.

In 2017, the countries accessible with an Italian passport without a visa were 155.

Italy Holds a Strong Position in the Nomad Capitalist Ranking

Another intriguing ranking comes from the US consulting firm Nomad Capitalist, focusing on passports that are attractive to “wealthy wanderers” – those with a seven-figure net worth who enjoy traveling freely, diversifying investments, and legally saving on taxes.

Italy’s sixteenth position with a score of 105 out of 199 countries is a commendable placement. It achieved an excellent rating on nearly all parameters considered. Topping the list are the usual United Arab Emirates, with a total score of 110.50. Afghanistan closes the special ranking with 26.50 points.

The criteria behind the ranking favor the Italian passport as well as the nation itself, because:

  1. Visa-Free Travel: The Italian passport offers the opportunity for visa-free travel to many countries, as previously highlighted.
  2. Citizen Taxation: Italy’s taxation system provides several advantages for wealthy wanderers, as well as for foreign retirees and professionals in general.
  3. Perception: Italy maintains a good but not outstanding reputation, as evidenced by the World Happiness Report of the UN’s Human Development Index, used by Nomad Capitalist to assign its score on the subject. Italy’s overall perception rate is moderate to high.
  4. Dual Citizenship: Italy is strong in this aspect, offering the possibility of easily obtaining dual citizenship based on the country of origin.
  5. Personal Freedom: Factors affecting the personal freedom of both Italian citizens and travelers/expatriates include mandatory military service (abolished in Italy for years), government surveillance, and freedom of the press. In the absence of defamation laws, Italy provides little protection for its journalists, a sole drawback that lowers its ranking and doesn’t place it at the top.

If the idea of obtaining an Italian passport appeals to you, consult our guide on becoming Italian citizens. Furthermore, know that there are various ways to obtain it:

  • Being children, born or adopted, of Italian citizens.
  • Descending from Italian citizens (in this case, a distinction is made between male and female lines of descent).
  • Being spouses of Italian citizens.
  • Residing in Italy.
  • Being employed by the Italian state.

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