Immigration Law

Immigration Law

Boccadutri International Law Firm, thanks to its expert lawyers in Immigration Law, guarantees competent legal assistance and consultation to foreigners that intend to settle in Italy and to Italian nationals that wish to settle abroad.

Our firm is also available to all foreigners who intend to acquire the rights of an Italian citizen and to take on, at the same time, its responsibilities.

We are able to provide assistance in the issuing of Visas for entrance into Italy and the Schengen Area, obtaining residency permits, clearances for family reunification, recognition of refugee status and the Italian Citizenship claims.

Our expert lawyers in Immigration Law usher our clients through all the necessary procedures with the relevant organisations, based on each situation and the needs of each case.

Our firm guarantees support for those seeking answers to questions connected with freedom of movement and initiating work in Italy as a foreigner.

Whether the requests are for residency or political asylum, Visa or no-restriction, presentation of administrative complaints in Italy, or oppositions to expulsion decrees, our expert lawyers in Immigration Law will evaluate, case by case, every possible way in which they may be able to best assist you.

The firm handles, in the name of and on behalf of its clients, every judicial step and administrative obligation, in addition to arranging legal support in litigation cases.

Emigration: Italians abroad

We support, by all legal means open to us, Italian citizens that wish to move and settle to a foreign state.

Given the complexities of the practice and the problems linked to emigration, we make sure that everyone that has requested it succeeds in getting everything in order to move abroad and stay there, for long or short periods.

We have the relevant lawyers for this in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. 

Immigration for Business

Thanks to globalisation, it is a very widespread practice to use the experience and knowledge of workers from foreign countries or to transfer workers abroad temporarily or permanently.

We are available to individuals or companies abroad for the completion of practices relating to transfers.

When foreign entrepreneurs from non EU-member states invest in Italy, the necessity exists to get permission to do so lawfully.

Boccadutri Law Firm takes care of all practices linked to the granting of authorisation for the entry of foreign staff into Italy and for their stay, the preparation of documents necessary for the expatriation of Italian workers and assistance for renewal or issue of passports.

We take care of the interests of future foreign employees in the short and long term by requesting work and residency permits and/or entry visas for the foreign staff of local and foreign businesses. We are committed to the fulfilment of all requirements in terms of the preparation of documentation.

We also assist foreign clients that intend to bring entrepreneurial activities into Italy or establish new ventures or start-ups.

The passage from immigrant to entrepreneur represents a fast-growing trend in our country and we are available to those that intend to start their own activity in Italy.

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Valentina is specialized in civil matters with particular regard to insurance law (public and private), compensation damages (including road accidents) and professional liability.

Valentina Amato

Head of Litigation
Gabriella Costanzo
Gabriella Costanzo is a lawyer that specialises in immigration and criminal law. Gabriella deals specifically with assisting clients in the process for the recognition of Italian Citizenship via administrative and judicial procedures.

Gabriella Costanzo

Head of Immigration
Laura Ferrara
She is specialized in Immigration Law, she faces either with cases at Italian legislation level as the ones in which European Law is involved.

Laura Ferrara

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