Gabriella Costanzo is a lawyer that specialises in immigration and criminal law.
Gabriella deals specifically with assisting clients in the process for the recognition of Italian Citizenship via administrative and judicial procedures. She also focuses on the legal protection of foreigners in Italy, providing assistance in matters relating to visasentry to Italy and residency within the Italian State.

In the criminal sector, Gabriella specialises in crimes against propertyidentity fraud and crimes against the economy, such as those that occur in industry and commerce.

Graduated with honours in 2014 from the University of Palermo, where she thoroughly studied international and criminal law.

During her time at University, she worked for an esteemed international law publishing house in Munich. Sworn-in as of 2017, Gabriella takes great care of every case dilligently, professionally, and passionately.

She speaks Italian and English.

Gabriella Costanzo

Gabriella Costanzo

Head of Immigration


[email protected]

Practice Area

  • Immigration Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Forex Litigation