Tasse e Contenzioso Fiscale


Tax disputes and litigation also form an important part of our practice.

The focus of the Tax Practice reflects the changing business environment in which we live.
The tax law is becoming more dispute-oriented, more international in scope and, despite efforts to the contrary, more complicated and subject to frequent revision.

Boccadutri’s Tax Practice assists clients in responding to the challenges of the current environment by emphasizing the development of creative, practical solutions to tax problems.

We act at all levels, from litigation to consulting and planning, from structuring commercial and financial transactions to requesting tax refunds; from filing for binding rulings to providing complex tax opinions and services in respect of all taxes in the Italian legal system.

Along with our Of Counsel professionals, who specialise in tax litigation, we manage cases at all levels from compositions with the fiscal administration to the Supreme Court.

Boccadutri’s tax group advises clients on tax planning opportunities to minimize their state and local tax liabilities, including tax planning for income and franchise taxes, sales and use taxes and property taxes.

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Avvocato Marilena Sireci
Marilena Sireci è esperta in tassazione societaria, pianificazione fiscale, questioni relative ai prezzi e alle imposte indirette.

Marilena Sireci

Head of Tax
Marco Genovese
Marco Genovese è un dottore commercialista con più di 10 anni di esperienza. Assiste clienti privati e professionisti in relazione a problematiche complesse

Marco Genovese

Corporate Accountant