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In Italy the Luxury Real Estate speaks Chinese

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In Italy the Luxury Real Estate speaks Chinese

Luxury Real Estate

Asian investors look at the real estate market of Italian luxury.

Recently in Beijing the twelfth edition of luxury property showcase was held.
The Real Estate of luxury fair promoted by the Ferretti group and Bank of East Asia has given space to 120 exhibitors from 35 countries and above all has welcomed more than 6000 visitors.
Also Italy was well represented, which can boast an immense patrimony and unique in its kind.
The occasion was an opportune time to bring to the attention of the Asian investors a privileged look on what you can offer the real estate market of Italian luxury.

Abandoned the rigor which were accustomed, the Chinese have been found to be a clientele of type high spending, concerned at the extra luxury of quality.
The lowering of taxes of luxury goods purchased in China has helped to change the perception of wellbeing. In fact the desire to take care of themselves and looking at the west not as an antagonist but as a model is no longer demonized.
A new middle class is emerging a new class of rich are willing to put on the plate and large capital to show off their wealth.
The latter, in particular, in their homeland call them “feudal”, literally “rich of second generation”, they are children of public officials and business men, and if in their country they are considered loose cannon elsewhere they simply demonstrate wealthy and well prepared investors.

From the entire east comes an increasingly urgent demand that calls to mobilize operators in the Italian real estate sector and all professionals who support them.
A breath of internationalization is necessary because, if ‘abroad Italian lifestyle is liked and it is looked upon with interest, from Italy you must guarantee who owns large capital to invest with professionalism, competence and flexibility.
It is undeniable that, while enjoying good health, the market of Italian luxury real estate boasts a higher bid to demand.

The prospects of the luxury segment in Italy today we can speak of a market that has not been affected by the crisis, despite having crossed almost eight years of contraction of the residential market.
The third annual report Global Powers of Luxury Goods diffused by Deloitte promotes Italy is the leader in the world for the number of companies that operate in the world of fashion and luxury.

If we talk about luxury real estate we cannot confine ourselves to appoint a sterile buying and selling of real estate. What Italy offers purchasers is not merely bound to economic value but also to the exclusivity given by history, art, landscape, culture and cuisine, it has no price but is included in the package”. Those seeking a second home in the “bel paese” know that they will find a unique and special lifestyle.

It is not easy to find suitable homes unless you go to Italian professionals with expertise that are able to provide a buyer with a privileged experience, which then on balance is what you ask them, especially to purchase occurred.
This is because a luxury property can return once inhabited unique sensations.
We are talking about villas in the most charming places, perhaps on the shores of a lake, in harmony with the environment.
Places that often have not only had an artistic prestige but also historical.

When you think about the real estate of luxury you cannot do less than think of Lake Como, an area for years at the center of the attention of an international clientele of elite and which still guarantees you a choice of style.
The historic residences of extreme value on the waterfront and with a private dock, park and large gardens continue to make foreigners dream, thanks to their timeless charm.
In terms of charm they are not less than Lake Maggiore and the Stresa, which are becoming increasingly popular locations for “real estate shopping” on the part of the estimators of the Bel Paese.
Tuscany, according to the analysis of LuxuryEstate.com, proves to be the first Italian region for value of luxury real estate for sale.
Followed by the most renowned Italian localities of luxury: Positano, Lake Como, Cortina and Taormina.

A curiosity concerning the presence on our territory of entire villages for sale, with inevitable villa and the accompanying other houses intended to staff, more hectares of parkland and perhaps a little church.
Varies the offer, varies the typology of purchasers, the common denominator remain the professionals of the sector, whose experience can constitute the point of demarcation between a good deal and the best.

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