Yolanda Ding Shijia

Yolanda Ding Shijia

Chinese Desk

About Yolanda Ding Shijia:

The firm’s knowledge of Chinese culture and language means that we can offer our clients significant added value as well as high-quality advice.

Our Chinese Desk assists Chinese companies with investments and other activities in Italy and throughout Europe.

Our services include advice on all aspects of Italian law and assistance in identifying investment opportunities in Italy as well as guidance in navigating Italian’s legal system and the local political environment.

With the continuous development of China’s economy and an ever-increasing worldwide cross-border business with China, Ms.Yolanda Ding and the Boccadutri Team are dedicated to providing high-quality service assisting Chinese companies operating, or contemplating setting up, a business in Italy with expert advice on Italian legal matters as well as general commercial advice on the Italian market, governmental affairs and compliance issues.

If you are a Chinese entrepreneur or investor, we provide comprehensive advice and support for business activities and investments in Italy.